marzo 15, 2010


This weekend we went to Samobor, a little town 30km from Zagreb. After a whole week of cold, snow, mud, clouds, more cold and mud, sun raised with all his shiny power.
Those of we who survived last nights' latino & polish parties headed to this beautiful place, looking for the peace and time-off that Zagreb -with all it's bars, pubs, discos and friends- couldn't give us.

1. expedition team (from left to right):
  • argentine, syria, croatia, chile, argentine, germany, argentine, france and romania.
2. just some colors ;)
3. walking throw the narrow streets of samobor, enjoying the sun VERY MUCH
4. while climbing, we saw this alert sign, but nobody knew what it said (our croatian translator preferred to stay at a coffe rather than coming with us to the mountains).
Stari Grad (ooooold city, ca. 13th century). Some croatians we found there told us the meaning of the sign:
"Watch out your head, stones might fall down".
6. some words of my good friend Bogdan.
7. my good friend Bogdan, from Romania.
8. where are we?


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  1. Tu zunga no está acorde al clima, pasate al canzoncillo largo! Muy buenos las fotos y relatos explicativos. Me interesa mucho saber como sigue el panda, a la espera de noticias.
    Muchos besos,