marzo 29, 2010

bologna, italy

Between the 23 and 26 of March took place the International Children's Book Fair at Bologna, Italy. I went as a guest with Pum! Editores, since last year i illustrated a book for them. They were three and a half day of non-stop meeting great people, fantastic places, and visiting the very intestines of illustration around the world.
It was some kind of ethnological experience too, since italians are so particular and different from zagreb people. In a way, they remind me of Buenos Aires, some things at least. It was good, and strange. Anyway, after the italo-madness, i was waiting to come back to this other madness, tha balkanic one.
A special mention deserves my host and friend Renato, in whose house i had so much fun, alchohol, other stuffs and, eventually, some sleeping. And Leonardo, a crazy guy from Rome that i met in the first half an hour in bologna, and we were inseparable mates of adventures until he left.

1. as in everywhere, we have a 'piazza maggiore' (main square)
2. around bologna I - gallery. Bologna has many of these, they are lovely, and having a coffe in there is soooo good. speacially when there's no one, wich is not very often.
3. inside the cathedral, there was a special place for people who actually wants to pray; it was just a room, it didn't bother tourist much.
4. piazza nettuno (neptune's square), with the Fontana dell Nettuno (Fountain of Neptune). it represents the Pope and his power ruling all over the earth (in this case, water: Ganges, Nile, Danube and Amazon). interesting enough is the intensive erotism of the whole sculpture: see for example those four well gifted woman at the bottom, squeezing their tits to get water (4b, the picture is not mine). Italy is maybe the best place for studying double-moral, i love it. even the catholic church has its main office there... it's unbeatable!
5. spring came when i was in bologna
6. night lights
7. it was plenty of these trees in blossom
8. map of italy, as seen on a shopwindow
9. a show onside a music shop of some singer/songwriter called 'Dente'. the music was good, even i didn't undertand much; but i liked the picture.
10. around bologna II - IMPERIO and mr. No One reading the newspaper (no offense)
11. around bologna III - POLLERIA (means 'chicken shop'). there were more than chickens there, as you can see.
12. Bologna International Children Book Fair, entrance hall
13. in the fair, with Leonardo and Shaun Tan (google him, he's really good)
14. in the fair, at the "stick-whatever-you-want" wall
15. where are we?

That's it for now, hope you enjoyed it!



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  1. me gustan,
    tienen mucho espíritu italiano.
    No sé cómo serán los de Zagreb,digo por tu comentario, pero los tanos son lo más.
    Qué tal la feria de ilustradores ?