marzo 20, 2010

ljubljana, slovenia

Couple of days ago, on Friday, we went to Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia. We went out early in the morning, having slept 4hs or less, after a heavy drinking goodbye party on the fifth floor, the only one which rooms have balcony and only one bed -lucky bastards! The expedition team splitted in two, some went by car and others (included me) took the train. 2.30h and 3 or 4 passport checks later, we arrived to Ljubljana.
It's a beautiful city, slightly smaller than Zagreb, with mountains all around. In one of them, of course, there's a castle (ca. 1500). Not far from it runs Ljubljanica river, crossed by several very nice bridges. People seemed a little more relaxed than in Zagreb, not to mention the average height was 25cm less than zagrebians. A little bit more like home, despite the fact of having a whole ocean inbetween.
We were walking loosely for almost 8 straight hours, so we spent the last hours in a bar, drinking delicious beer for a change.

1. from the train, already in Slovenia.
2. me (photo session in train's bathroom).
3. in front of an art gallery, some post-sovietish exhibition inside.
4. At a park, near the art gallery (Justyna, from Poland, taking 5 pictures per second).
5. From the same park, looking to the castle on top of the hill.
6. Ljubljanica river.
7. From the castle, looking at the city.
8. From the castle, looking at the castle.
9. where are we?
10. the crew (everybody but Justyna, who took the picture). from left to right:
  • Bogdan (Romania)
  • Nikša (Croatia)
  • Torbjørn (just Teddy) (Norway)
  • Jigar (Singapur)
  • Anikó (Hungary)
  • Gaëlle (France)
  • Pablo (Argentine)
  • Miloš (Serbia)

Everytime i see the list of countries, i think 'english is a blessing'.
Hope you like the pictures!


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  1. Lost pichón!
    Love your pictures specially your autophoto WC -face
    Look for the panda and take it with you
    Long live the english language
    Lomás sos