junio 28, 2010

split, dubrovnik and all the sea in between, Croatia

At the beginning of June, right after the end of my croatian course -a little before in fact- I went with train to Split and Dubrovnik, in the coast of Croatia, taking my beloved bike with me. The Croatian coast of the Adriatic sea is fantastic, not only because of its beaches and waters, but for the cities next to them. I stayed a couple of days in Split, in a wonderful hostel with stone walls, a lot of plants and flowers, and a terrace where to drink endless coffees and beers. The old city of Split is not as known and well preserved as the 'citadel' of Dubrovnik. But, maybe because of that, its more truly alive, and not so crowded of tourist and restaurants to feed them. The whole city is very nice, in fact, and is the second one in importance in Croatia. After walking for hours and swimming every day in the beach, I took a ferry -extremely early in the morning- to Dubrovnik. Those were 8 grate hours of ocean, islands, little old cities, dolphins and the pleasant movement of the boat.
Dubrovnik is so so beautiful, but as I said, packed with zillions of tourists (italians, spanish, russians and, of course, the quintessence of tourists, japanese). So, the city was great, nice, medieval yet modern, well preserved and charming to the bone. But anyway, fantastic beaches of turquoise water were around, and I couldn't resist the temptation. Half a day for the city and its old walls; day and a half for the sea.
I came back to Zagreb tanned by the sun and happy by the sea. My stay in Croatia was close to its end, since my classes were ended. The time for taking planes and traveling around Europe was near.

1. Sunrise from the train, somewhere near Split.

2+3. Old city from Split, crazy streets, alleys and houses.

4. Terrace at the hostel.
5+6. Beaches near the city. I went a little bit further with my bike, anyway.
7. Old city from Split, again.

8, 9, 10+11. From the ferry boat, trip Split-Dubrovnik.

12+13. Islands and walled ancient tiny towns. I think this one is Korčula.

14. Arriving to Dubrovnik.
15. Steep, narrow little streets all around the old city.

16. Main gate to the Citadell.
17. Again, narrow steep streets, this time from above. Ufff, those were hard to climb.

18. Japanese tourists. These people is in another dimesion, believe me.
19. From my room, during the night. I was alone in a three bedroom apartment. Loved that.

20. Panoramic view of the Citadell, south side (rear side)

21, 22+23. Beach next to the old city. Close, clean and beautiful. Sunset swimming, nice view. Super.

24. where are you?!


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