junio 04, 2010

Let 3, u Purgeraju

Couple of weeks ago, i went to see 'Let 3', a fabulous croatian band from Rijeka, to Purgeraj, in Zagreb with my friend (and the one that told me about this) Tomislav. They're playing for the last 23 years, cooking slowly in the socialism of Yugoslavia, a quick hit of heat during the 1991/95 serbo-croatian war and the final touch, 15 years of capitalism for proper rot.
Here is what Wikipedia says about them:
The band is popular in Croatia and other former Yugoslav republics due to their original approach to rock music and their obscene live performances. Sometimes provocative and vulgar lyrics and always shocking live performance with lots of nudity often polarise Croatian public. READ MORE
The importance of this event cannot be fully undestand if i don't mention the fact that -until that moment- all i was able to listen to in croatian music was some kind of dumb melodic love, brainwashing, luis miguelish oversweetness, depressing music. It's no my intention to offend anyone... but those were hard times.
I've recently posted a video of them.
Now the pictures, from beggining of the show to the end. Last to pics: me and the singer, and me and tomislav. Enjoy!


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  1. JAAAAAAA Esto se merece al menos un WTF!
    Ahora entiendo de donde saca sus personajes Kusturica! No se, pero yo que vos tengo cuidado...para mi que le ponen algo al agua ahi...
    Muchos saludos Luismi.