junio 09, 2010

otok Krk (Krk island)

For the closure of our classes, the whole Croaticum group (about 80 persons, among students and proffesors, some of them speaking croatian really good, some of us just babbling) went to Otok Krk, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) islands in Croatia. As usual, the way through Gorski Kotar was cloudy, cold, little bit rainy and beautiful. Better, most of us hadn't slept much (the day before were the last exams, so it was a hard partying night at the residence). Just a coffe on the road and we got into that marvelous tunnel that separates the mountains from the coast, clouds from sun and cold from warm. Slowly we went down the road towards the coast, and the islands started to appear like swimming dinosaurs.
Krk has many urban centers, not really big but very beautiful. The towns are trapped between the sea and the mountain, so the roads are narrow and the buildings tall, with an exquisite mediterranean style, tiny balconies, windows with flowers and an easy going atmosphere everywhere.
At the beggining was still cloudy, but after lunch the sun came out, the water become turquoise and warm. In the afternoom we went to a winery for a degustation of some special wine made in Krk. As you can imagine, half an hour later everyone were drunk from varied types of wines and rakijas. At that time, i stopped taking pictures, and i hope the others did the same thing. On the returning bus, we started singing and continued drinking the wines that were supposed for souvenirs. They never got Zagreb.
Ajde, bok!!


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