agosto 24, 2010

thessaloniki & kalamitsi beach, Greece

After crossing the border between Macedonia and Greece, i made some auto-stop until i got to the train station, where i took the train (little, electrical, cousy) to Thessaloniki. It was a quick pass-by through Greece, 5 or 6 days at the most, since i had to be on my way to Istanbul very soon to meet Fernanda, a friend from Argentina/Spain. So, time was running and i needed some sea and sand urgently.
I stayed in Thessaloniki for a day, walked around in this beautiful city strangely looking-like Buenos Aires. The proximity of the Mediterranean and the latin spirit (in it's original sense) was clear. After that, i took an endless trip across mountains and tourists to Kalamitsi beach, settled in one of the tree "fingers" of the Halkidiki peninsula. It's considered as one of the most "wild" and "less inhabited" beaches in the peninsula. For a person from the New World, used to go to "wild and inhabited" beaches all along Brazilian coast, it was a little bit over-civilized. But, nevertheless, it was awesome. And there was a little detail that they forgot to mention -next to that beach, there was another one, quite small and hard to reach, and nudist! Yeah, that was what i was looking for.
So, i spent 3 great days under the sun, swimming and reading. And i got a nice suntan everywhere!
After those days of relax and self indulgence, i came back to Thessaloniki, where the 11 hours bus to Istanbul was waiting. East was getting closer!
Ajde, best for everyone, and have a great new year.

1 & 2. In Florina, on the train to Thessaloniki.

3 & 4. Thessaloniki, city of ancient Orthodox churches and beautiful seaside walk.

5 & 6. On my way to Kalamitsi, and already there, taking a sunbath far away from civilization.

7 . The only picture i took from the nudist beach, since it's so rude to do it.
8. From the top of the hill that separated the two beaches.

9. Goodbye Kalamitsi, goodbye Greece.


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