agosto 24, 2010

skopje & bitola, Macedonia

After Spain, i flew to Budapest, where Lea, a good friend from Germany, was waiting for me with a hotel reservation and a handfull of maps and touristic information flyers. In her own words, "she couldn't help being so german". I arrived late to meet her, I couldn't help being so argentinian neither. Budapest is a very special city, sooo beautiful, with crazy buildings, a strange place where west and east europe meet. Sadly, my camera was out of batteries so i couldn't take much pictures; anyway, in a latter post i'll upload some.
We stayed there for some days, and then returned to Zagreb for a short rest. I stayed with my russian friend Ekaterina, who was incredibly generous to share her room during those days, saving my life. Student residence was almost empty, quite odd considering that a month before, when i left, was so full of life.
After that, i headed my backpack to Macedonia, where i was going to meet Vera, another great friend that i met in Zagreb. I took a bus to Skopje, the capital city, that went all the way through Serbia. Something like 16 endless hours that i spent trying to communicate with my seat-mate, a croatian guy that only spoke croatian -and macedonian, yahoo!
I stayed in Skopje for some hours only, it's a nice place but i didn't want to go around alone all day long. Vera was waiting for me in Bitola, her city, so i took a prehictoric train that took me there in 4 hours. I wasn't in any hurry, so it wasn't a problem, but believe me: cows moved faster next to the train rails!
I stayed almost for a week in Bitola at Vera's parents' house. Great people, great food... about that time, i was missing a good old family home. With her and some others friends, we went out on excursions to the sorroundings mountains almost everyday. Prices were cheap, people was nice, mountains were high... such a great time. Hvala ljepo, Verita! And you, Trajche, hope to see you and your fat ass next time!!
I left you with some pics, vidimo se!!

1,2 & 3. Skopje, Macedonia's capital city.

4 & 5. On the way to Bitola, by train.

6 & 7. In a litlle tiny town, near Bitola, surrounded by mountains.

8-15. In Bitola and near by places.
16. With Verita, at the Macedonian/Greek border.


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